thegroupTheory, Inc. is a 501c-3 organization that promotes positive, sustainable solutions. We are event driven. Hosting events that bring ideas to ways that are beneficial to every corner of our communities. We believe education is a continual process; therefore, we seek creative ways to share vital information that can lead to empowerment and enrichment opportunities. We have a sincere focus on our future generation; assisting them, bridging gaps and meeting the challenges that could hinder them as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

         We maintain our awareness and existence through our attachment to current trends, the shared future aspirations of our communities, whether urban, rural or challenged. To better prepare us for what we may face, may we reach out, assist, and resist the urge to tire or become less creative. May young people not solely depend on web platforms and social media to voice concern, or to find answers that isn’t readily available or are as available as the value needed, requested or questioned. 

Inaugural Launch 2016

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