thegroupTheory, Inc. is a 501©3 organization that promotes positive, sustainable solutions. We believe education is a continual process and seek ways to share vital information that can lead to empowerment and enrichment opportunities. We have a sincere focus on our future generation; assisting them, bridging generations, and meeting the challenges that could hinder them as they become the tomorrow’s population.

            We welcome you to become a part of our mission to reach to extend possibilities, and introduce ideals.

We maintain our awareness, attention, and assistance by staying focused on these key core values: Using our efforts of outreach to build a platform that addresses realistic and alternative solution ideas with an approach toward leadership and service to our community. 

Ignorance is a cure for nothing. - Du Bois


Our Mission

Our mission is to be creative and encourage. We seek to lay paths travelable, each approach, each step purposeful for the next generations.


Our Vision

We say this with consciousness...

A natural vision provides sight.

Focus is required to see.

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