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consequence is no coincidence.

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In an instant an infinite stage can seem like it's been around...


Depending on what it's clinging on, the wonder can be cumbersome. We will do good to let it have creative space. To view it as a choice. The one made and those that will come soon after.

Whether legally, spiritually, physically, or mentally; relationships, careers, accompaniments, material, crime, allotment, or lonliness.

Choosing when you are young is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Youth has energy. When we grow into thinking, even counting slows down. Thank goodness we've learned something and we begin to factor in.

These in the generation born only a handful of years ago, have been thrust into a fast moving cycle that puts a daily emphasis on "go". It's practically unfair. Particularly when you look at the clothes, the habits, nails, skin, and hair. So many choices among the forces of education tasked with connecting the future, right now, in a fast-paced nation.

Parliament Funkadelic labeled it "The pimpimg of the pleasure principle".

So how do we warn this newest population? How so without falling into a composite thought or a feeling that they aren't listening? Especially if their actions aren't instantly whatever we told, suggested, or confessed, that they do.

What is the "or else" if they don't ever?

Reprecussion? Show them that. You can reveal your experience. Perhaps relinquish an old and aged adage. Or, simply, get out the way.

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